Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Electric City Creative Issue #6: BUILD

Oh man, we know. We know calling this issue "Summer 2011" is awfully strange when it is published one day after Labor Day. Yes, technical issues preventing timely publication were everywhere, but behold! Issue #6: BUILD is finally up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Rounding up the events of this past summer, here's what you will find in BUILD:

- Tyson Habein interviews regular participants in Machinery Row's Open Mic Night, featuring Gabriel Vasichek, Josh Wilkinson, Dana Jo Forseth, and Joe Ryan.

- Tyson also goes under the gun at Level Up Tattoo, featuring the work of Pablo Jara.

- We've got your First Friday Art Walk coverage, including work at McMillan Studio, Montana Actors Theatre, Four West Art League, and Warehouse Square.

- Tyson also has a photo editorial, TASTE THE SKY, featuring skateboarder Ryan Simonetti and BMXer Dwayne "Dirty" Taylor

- Sara Habein reviews Miss Sloan's debut album The Good Ship Clairvoyance in this issue's Liner Notes.

Check it all out HERE. For the best viewing experience, press Ctrl+L in Adobe Reader for the full-screen, double page spread.

The print edition will be available through MagCloud soon. We will let you know as soon as it's ready for purchase.

Our next issue will be out in November. Thanks so much for reading.