Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Electric City Creative Issue #6: BUILD

Oh man, we know. We know calling this issue "Summer 2011" is awfully strange when it is published one day after Labor Day. Yes, technical issues preventing timely publication were everywhere, but behold! Issue #6: BUILD is finally up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Rounding up the events of this past summer, here's what you will find in BUILD:

- Tyson Habein interviews regular participants in Machinery Row's Open Mic Night, featuring Gabriel Vasichek, Josh Wilkinson, Dana Jo Forseth, and Joe Ryan.

- Tyson also goes under the gun at Level Up Tattoo, featuring the work of Pablo Jara.

- We've got your First Friday Art Walk coverage, including work at McMillan Studio, Montana Actors Theatre, Four West Art League, and Warehouse Square.

- Tyson also has a photo editorial, TASTE THE SKY, featuring skateboarder Ryan Simonetti and BMXer Dwayne "Dirty" Taylor

- Sara Habein reviews Miss Sloan's debut album The Good Ship Clairvoyance in this issue's Liner Notes.

Check it all out HERE. For the best viewing experience, press Ctrl+L in Adobe Reader for the full-screen, double page spread.

The print edition will be available through MagCloud soon. We will let you know as soon as it's ready for purchase.

Our next issue will be out in November. Thanks so much for reading.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advertising Rate Change

Hello everyone -

Our advertising rates will be changing soon. After June 20th, our rates will be increasing, but if you would like to purchase advertising at the current rates, please email us before then.

electriccitycreative AT gmail DOT com

As always, thank you for reading.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Party + Group Show Roundup!

during the set-up
(3 year olds are not as impressed with the art show prep process. That's GOO's work hanging behind him.)

10 am on May 20, we met up with GOO, Butchard M, Rachel Kaiser, Halley Gallagher and David Mariani Jr. to set up for our party at Machinery Row. Since everyone had done other shows before, the process of finding the right wall space and the actual hanging went fairly quickly. Also, a big thank you is due to Tim Peterson at the Row for letting us have more or less free reign when it came to nails in the walls and posts, as well as temporarily moving signs.

Rachel surveys her wall
(Rachel Kaiser)

Butchard M and Nouveau Nostalgia
(Butchard M and promo posters for the upcoming INFINITE DISPOSABLE from our micropress, Nouveau Nostalgia.)

(Quick cell phone pic of our merch. We sold several copies of the magazine, several copies of FLAWED MACHINE, and all but one of our Nouveau Nostalgia t-shirts. The last t-shirt went to Chuck the bar manager.)

People began to show up right after 6pm, and the crowd fluctuated, but was also at times quite large. We're absolutely thrilled that we had such a great turnout and response to the work on the walls. I believe that nearly everyone sold at least one painting, and we even bought GOO's catfish painting ourselves. Whenever we get our own gallery space here in town, you can be sure we'll have it on display as part of our permanent collection.


We also had Floods play a short set early on in the night. GOO, Butchard M and Shaun Carrier comprise the band, and the crowd seemed to dig their instrumental fuzz-rock.


Later on in the night, GOO, Rachel and Halley were doodling on a piece of paper along with a couple of other people, and the result ended up tacked up inside the bar as well:

group effort.

We are looking forward to doing more events like these, and Machinery Row was absolutely fantastic to work with. You can see a few more photos of the event on Tyson Habein's flickr page, and we may put up others soon.

Also, we still have a few copies of the magazine ($9) and FLAWED MACHINE ($5) left, so if you're local and want to save yourself the shipping, shoot us an email at electriccitycreative AT gmail DOT com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

ISSUE #5: FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (Spring 2011) is here!

(...to parrrr-ty!)

Hello, friends! Yes, our much hyped and much awaited fifth issue is here and available for your ocular pleasure. We are exceptionally proud of this one, as it features some outstanding content and is our largest issue yet at 50 pages.

What can you find this time around?

- PROFILES of artists GOO and Halley Gallagher

- GIG REVIEW: Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs at Machinery Row

- PHOTO EDITORIAL by Tyson Habein, "Soft Land."

- FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK coverage for March and May, featuring work at Taco Del Sol, My Viola Floral Studio, Inspire Portraits, and Warehouse Square.

- LINER NOTES: Reviewing RiverSide Rising's self-titled debut album

-HIGHLIGHTS from The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond)'s visit during Western Art Week, as well as notes on the Western Masters Art Show itself.

However, a word about that: Somehow in the madness of assembling our content, we've temporarily lost our photos from both Pioneer Woman and Western Art Week. We deeply regret this, as we saw several artists that we thought pushed the definition of what it means to be a "Western" artist, in ways that our readers might not expect.

What we promise to do is this: The moment we find these photos, we will do a special one-off post regarding both Pioneer Woman and the art itself. Consider it a "special edition," however delayed. Again, we apologize.

STILL! Now is the time to enjoy the content we have today. READ IT NOW!

Remember, PDF documents take a little while to load, and since this issue is 50 pages long, it may take a minute or so to appear on your screen.

Free digital versions are also available through MagCloud, where you can also order print editions for $10.


If you attend our ART PARTY + GROUP SHOW tonight (May 20) at Machinery Row, a print edition can be yours for $9 and you'll save yourself any shipping costs. Quantities are limited at the party, so make sure to come in!

Thank you, as always, for reading.

-- Sara Habein

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So are you going?

Flyer courtesy of our friend GOO.

If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Electric City Creative Art Party + Group Show

Electric City Creative wants to show off some of the great, creative work happening around Great Falls, and what better way to do so than throwing a party?

Featuring the work of:

Halley Gallagher
Rachel Kaiser
Butchard M
David Mariani Jr.
Nouveau Nostalgia: A Micro-Press

Music by Floods

May 20th also coincides with the release of Electric City Creative's fifth issue covering Spring 2011, and we will have real! live! print copies for sale during the party. Print editions purchased at the party are $9 and ones ordered online will be $10.

Not to mention:
The DJ (For all the talk we've done in past issues about dance parties, how could we not have a DJ? Ready your requests, friends.)

$2 pints of Great Falls Select

Delicious pizza

This is an ALL AGES show until 10pm, but ECC will be there until closing time.

If you're on Facebook, you can officially RSVP here. Or just give a shout in the comments or say hello via Twitter. We're so online-omnipresent, it's ridiculous.

Come see the art, come have something to eat, come meet some new people. Be there or be somewhere considerably less awesome. Tell your friends.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We're throwing a party! To coincide with our 5th issue, Electric City Creative is hosting an art party and group show, May 20 at Machinery Row. We are looking for artists! Visual artists and writers of all kinds are invited to submit work for consideration. Deadline for submission on May 4th. Selected artists will be notified no later than May 7th. If selected your work needs to be ready for display no later than May 18th.

Here's what we need from you:

- Email us at electriccitycreative AT gmail.com with 'Group Show Submission' in the subject line.

- Tell us a bit about yourself: Your name, contact information, what type of artwork you do, and any website you might have.

- VISUAL ARTISTS: Attach up to 7 examples of your work. JPG or PDF files work best. Links to website portfolios are also fine.

- WRITERS: We would love to have a reading early on in the night. Slam poets, funny people, fiction writers, etc. — Show us what you've got! PDF, DOC (Word) or ODT (Open Office) files work best, or you can copy and paste into the body of the email. Or if you have a YouTube/Vimeo performance or a website, be sure to let us know.

All ages are encouraged to submit. Email us with any further questions. Thanks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Contributor Compensation Rates and Our Approach to Working with You

While we certainly mention it from time to time, we wanted to have an official post for handy reference regarding contributor compensation in our magazine. This is in addition to our advertising rates, which figure into contributor compensation.

Electric City Creative understands that your time and talent is of value, and we want to be able to honor that value in whatever way we are able. We want to work with you, and will never, ever feed you the line that you'll get "really great exposure" or "a portfolio piece" in our publication, as though that should be payment enough.

That said, Electric City Creative does not have financial backers. We publish our magazine out of a love for creative culture in the Great Falls area, and we really do believe in doing our part to highlight what the city has to offer. No one got into this for financial reasons, but we understand that it's important to provide benefits to the creative community that helps us grow.

With that, here is how the magazine will compensate ALL contributors -- writers, photographers or any other work provided for us:

1. We can pay in ad space. The amount of work provided for us will determine the size of your ad, and that ad size will be agreed upon between both parties. We understand that each job requires a specific amount of work, and we want to do right by you.

If you do not have a specific service you need to advertise, you are able to use your ad space for something else. In our previous publication, SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine, we had writers and photographers advertise their non-trade-related businesses or even just friend's events they wanted to help promote. We can work something out.

2. All ad revenue is split equally among contributors. If there is paid advertising within an issue, the money from that advertising will be split among all the people who helped create that issue. Editors receive the same percentage as a contributing photographer or writer. We believe this is fair. Since we do not publish under a traditional print model, our bills are few, and any profit should go back to the people who helped create the magazine.

Also, on the side bar of this page, you will notice a PayPal "Donate" button. All funds raised through this button are also equally split between all contributors.

3. All work is credited. You will always receive credit for your work, and you always retain copyright. When we ask to use your words or your images, we are asking for one time usage. Your work will not be used without your permission in other ECC materials.

4. We will never ask you to send in "unprocessed" work. This means that photographers will not be asked to send in their original unprocessed files, nor will photographers be asked to send in every single shot they took during an event. This is on par with asking a writer to send in their rough draft. At the very least, it is bad manners to ask this of contributors.

We trust you to send in your very best work. We trust your vision for your work, and would not have asked you to contribute were we not already aware of your aesthetic. While all writing does undergo basic copy editing, the writing will not undergo massive changes without consulting the writer.

Communication and professionalism are of utmost importance to us when working with our contributors. After all, you are part of the creative community, and you have worth.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Print Edition of ECC #4: BRANCH now available

If you are interested in purchasing a print edition of Electric City Creative Issue #4: BRANCH, it is now available for purchase through MagCloud. Click on the above image for more information.

Again, thanks for reading!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Electric City Creative Issue #4: BRANCH

Holy cow, am I ready for this winter to be over. In all likelihood, so are the rest of you. Cold temperatures with little reprieve since October can wear on anyone's state of mind. Luckily, Great Falls did not descend too far into hermit-dom over the past few months, so we have plenty to talk about in the fourth issue of Electric City Creative: BRANCH.

In this issue:

- An interview with Cory Smith, founder of the clothing and sports sponsorship company, 221 Industries.

- A profile of photographer and hair stylist Phil Procopio.

- A new photo editorial by Tyson Habein, "Alleyways + Sky."

- First Friday Art Walk coverage from January and February, including Great Falls High and CMR artists, Uptown Gallery, Lodestone Gallery, My Viola Floral Studio and more.

- Liner Notes: "Finest Worksong." This issue's column discusses listening to music while writing. Writers out there: Do you listen to music while writing? Does it depend on the type of writing. (PS: If you ARE a writer, are you interested in writing for the magazine?)

- This issue we also have contributing photographer Jeanelle Dascher, who provided photos from 221 Industries' Fight Against Youth Cancer charity event at the Heritage Inn.

Now: Go forth and read!

Sara Habein

PS: Don't forget Habein Studio's new micro-press, Nouveau Nostalgia. Our first title, Flawed Machine, is available now.