Monday, February 21, 2011

Electric City Creative Issue #4: BRANCH

Holy cow, am I ready for this winter to be over. In all likelihood, so are the rest of you. Cold temperatures with little reprieve since October can wear on anyone's state of mind. Luckily, Great Falls did not descend too far into hermit-dom over the past few months, so we have plenty to talk about in the fourth issue of Electric City Creative: BRANCH.

In this issue:

- An interview with Cory Smith, founder of the clothing and sports sponsorship company, 221 Industries.

- A profile of photographer and hair stylist Phil Procopio.

- A new photo editorial by Tyson Habein, "Alleyways + Sky."

- First Friday Art Walk coverage from January and February, including Great Falls High and CMR artists, Uptown Gallery, Lodestone Gallery, My Viola Floral Studio and more.

- Liner Notes: "Finest Worksong." This issue's column discusses listening to music while writing. Writers out there: Do you listen to music while writing? Does it depend on the type of writing. (PS: If you ARE a writer, are you interested in writing for the magazine?)

- This issue we also have contributing photographer Jeanelle Dascher, who provided photos from 221 Industries' Fight Against Youth Cancer charity event at the Heritage Inn.

Now: Go forth and read!

Sara Habein

PS: Don't forget Habein Studio's new micro-press, Nouveau Nostalgia. Our first title, Flawed Machine, is available now.

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