Friday, April 15, 2011

Electric City Creative Art Party + Group Show

Electric City Creative wants to show off some of the great, creative work happening around Great Falls, and what better way to do so than throwing a party?

Featuring the work of:

Halley Gallagher
Rachel Kaiser
Butchard M
David Mariani Jr.
Nouveau Nostalgia: A Micro-Press

Music by Floods

May 20th also coincides with the release of Electric City Creative's fifth issue covering Spring 2011, and we will have real! live! print copies for sale during the party. Print editions purchased at the party are $9 and ones ordered online will be $10.

Not to mention:
The DJ (For all the talk we've done in past issues about dance parties, how could we not have a DJ? Ready your requests, friends.)

$2 pints of Great Falls Select

Delicious pizza

This is an ALL AGES show until 10pm, but ECC will be there until closing time.

If you're on Facebook, you can officially RSVP here. Or just give a shout in the comments or say hello via Twitter. We're so online-omnipresent, it's ridiculous.

Come see the art, come have something to eat, come meet some new people. Be there or be somewhere considerably less awesome. Tell your friends.

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