Sunday, October 3, 2010

Electric City Creative Advertising Rates

Electric City Creative is a new magazine dedicated to creative culture in the Great Falls, MT area. Available for free online and with print editions for purchase through, the publication taps into our growing arts scene and is reaching new readers every day. We are dedicated to highlighting what this area has to offer and are looking for advertisers who want to support that vision.

We offer the following rates for advertisements per issue:
•Full Page Ad: $75
•Half Page Ad: $50
•Quarter Page Ad: $30
•5 Issue Ad Package, Full Page: $319
•5 Issue Ad Package, Half Page: $213
•5 Issue Ad Package, Quarter Page: $128
•Custom ad design available, contact for rates

Launched in July 2010, Electric City Creative now publishes 4 times per year:

November 20th (Fall)
February 20th (Winter)
May 20th (Spring)
August 20th (Summer)

Ultimately we'd like to become a monthly magazine, but we will grow over time and add staff as we go.

Digital media is stronger than ever — it's free, it has unlimited circulation, and it can help your business reach a whole new audience. Best of all, your money will help support our local creative culture. Email us to set up your advertising today. Thank you!

Sara Habein
Editor and Publisher, Electric City Creative
electriccitycreative AT gmail DOT com

(Remember: All contributors get a free 1/4 page ad in the issue in which their work appears, and all other ad profits split between the contributors for that given issue.)


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