Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Electric City Creative Issue #3: EXPAND

Holy cow, it's true! Electric City Creative is back with a new issue. You may have been wondering what was going on in our neck of the woods, releasing only 2 issues since July. Aren't we supposed to be a monthly publication? Yes, but sadly, that is not feasible at this time. Due to lack of staff and other writing commitments, Electric City Creative will now be a quarterly magazine until further notice.

Our new publishing schedule is as follows:

February 2011 - Winter, Issue #4
May 2011 - Spring, Issue #5
August 2011 - Summer, Issue #6
November 2011 - Winter, Issue #7

And so on.

But wait a minute, you say. If the Winter issue is supposed to publish in November, then what are we doing with Issue #3 in December? That's a good question, and I don't have a good answer for you other than an apology. That said, I hope you enjoy the new issue. As a reminder, the layout looks more magazine-like if viewed with 2 pages side by side. Play with your PDF reader page view settings.

What will you find in Issue #3: EXPAND?

-Tyson Habein goes on a road trip to some of Helena's art galleries. At the Holter Museum of Art, he sees work from Jennifer Li, Barry Hood, Russell Chatham, Dudley Dana, and the exhibit "Outside the Box: The Art of Wood." Over at the Turman Larison, he sees contemporary pieces from Christine Joy, Phoebe Toland and Linda Stoudt.

-Profile: Photographer Stephanie Elliott. Though Stephanie now resides in London, England, she grew up in Great Falls. She also contributes this month's photo spread, "Scenes From Home," taken during a recent trip back to Montana.

-First Friday: A roundup of several of the art exhibits that took place since September. Included are Paris Gibson Square's "Spirit of Women" event and their night of "Speed Painting." Montana Arts Association, Gallery 16, Portal Gallery, Lodestone Gallery, Amazing Gallery and Winston Publishing are also featured. Artists featured include jewelry-maker Hallie J. Wilson, photographer Ali Winberry, curator Bob Durden, painter Deeling Gregory and sculptor Judy Ericksen.

-Po' Girl at Machinery Row. Sara Habein talks about one of the best live shows to hit Great Falls. Photos by Tyson Habein.

-Liner Notes: This issue, Sara ruminates on musical hunches and the thrill of discovery.

Read All 34 pages HERE. As always, thanks for reading. A print edition through MagCloud will be available soon.

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