Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Electric City Creative: Issue #1: LAUNCH

Electric City Creative Issue #1

So here we are, up and running. ECC's first issue is now available for your reading pleasure. As we are a new publication, our design will continue to evolve and the amount of content will likely fluctuate from month to month. As always, we would love to hear from you regarding any content suggestions. If there are ever any technical issues, let us know about that as well.

If you are a writer or photographer, we also welcome contributors. Please email us at electriccitycreative [at] gmail [dot] com for details.

Now then, what can you expect this month?

-An interview with Great Falls own bestselling author, Jamie Ford
-Coverage of July's First Friday Art Walk
-Sara Habein has an ongoing music column, LINER NOTES. This month, she talks about listening to the radio and Great Falls DJs.

Two things about LINER NOTES: Each month, Sara will also have supplementary material to her column posted over on her blog, Glorified Love Letters, so be sure to check that out too.

Also, this month's LINER NOTES photo is by Tyson Habein.

Our logo is designed by graphic designer extraordinare John Dalke. Thanks again to him for helping us out.

Now go read!


  1. Great to see you unabashedly praising Great Falls. There's so much to love about this city! Thank you.

  2. You're quite welcome. Thanks for reading.